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Industrial Exhaust Purification Equipment(UV filter)

This kind of product is made specially of high energy and beam of high ozone ultraviolet light, pyrolysis malodorous gas. Using the high ozone ultraviolet light to decompose the oxygen molecule of the air for free oxygen. After blowing the malodorous gases into the purifying equipment, the equipment use the ultraviolet light with high energy and the oxidation both malodorous gas and the ozone to decompose the waste gas into the low molecular compounds, then blow them out through the exhaust pipe.
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  1. High effectively remove the malodorous gas: can remove the main pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic matter, H2S, NH3, C12H26S (ethyl mercaptan) and all the kinds of odors, the deodorization efficiency can reach more than 99%, the deodorization effect is exceeding the “Emission Standard of Odor Pollutants” issued in 1993.
  2. Do not need to add any materials: only install the related exhaust pipe and engine make the malodorous gases through this equipment to remove odors, decompose and purify, no need to add other materials for the chemical reaction.
  3. Well-adapted: it is well-adapted the high density fog and large quantity gas; it can work continually for 24 hours reliable and stable during the disposing the different malodorous gases.
  4. Low running cost: this kind of equipment has no any mechanical actions and without any noises, it is not need a special person to maintain and manage it. But it is necessary to inspect at a regular intervals. This equipment with low power (disposing 1000 m3/h with 0.2kw power), and its danger is very low with less than 30 pa pressure and safe a lot energy.
  5. Do not need the pre-treatment: it is not need to specially pre-treat the malodorous gases, such as heating, moistening; the work environment temperature is during 30℃~95℃, the moisture is during 30℃~98℃; in addition, it can work normally under the PH value 3 to 11.
  6. Small covering area and light weight: it is available to put it in a small place, so the covering area is less than 1m2 and disposing 1000m3/h.
  7. Made by good imported materials: it is well fire prevented and anti-corrosion, the performance is stable, longer use-life.
  8. Environmental and high technology patent product: it is adopted the most advanced international technological ideas through the experts and our engineers and technicians’ tests developed the high technology purifying equipment with fully independent intellectual property. It can completely decompose the harmful matters of the malodorous gas then achieve the perfect effect; after decomposing, the gas can be into the air friendly without second pollution, it is also high effectively sterile and bactericidal at same time.
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