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HJ-D-10 Distillation Plant

ItemNo.: HJ-D-10
HJ-D Oil Distillation is used for separating various oil to obtain the diesel and gasoline.Unique design and outstanding functions can help customer create more profit. This equipment is matched with pyrolysis plant. It is widely applied in waste oil management industry.
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Safety is the most important factor in the whole process. We had successfully researched some safety devices which ensure the machine can work safely.
  1. Safety valves, alarming device and the pressure gauge etc.
  2. We also have oil-water separator which can stop the oil gas recycle to the reactor, which could avoid the accident.
  3. High degree of automation:feed the waste oil, crude oil automatically ,to pump oil automatically.
Energy saving:
  1. Well sealing for heating system, no gas leak and saving fuel.
  2. Continuous feeding with automatic feeder, no gas leak.
  3. Recycling of exhaust gas and scientific fire channel design can save energy and thereby reducing costs.
Environmental friendly:
  1. The whole process is all sealed, won’t release any gas harmful to human and environment.
  2. Well water dedusting system can avoid black smoke.
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