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Emulsifying machine(Oily water mulser)

The heavy oil emulsifier is designed to handle heavy oil, residual oil, asphalt and similar materials and special equipment. The high machine speed and high shear mechanical energy for cutting, extrusion, shock, so that the material in the suspended solids, aromatic, resin and water through the machine can simultaneously be a repeated many times the dispersion, emulsification, so that a stable homogeneous fuel delicate.
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  1. High temperature for the material temperature below 350 ℃;
  2. long continuous operation, the longest continuous running time of up to 9000 hours;
  3. corrosion material standard flow components configured not to repair steel, for strong abrasive or strong cavitation medium can also be used according to the working conditions of different materials;
  4. leak proof, sealed with double mechanical seal or dynamic seals;
  5. combination diverse, turn the stator through different configurations can produce more than 200 kinds of changes in the portfolio, but also according to the material properties of special modifications designed to meet the individual requirements of the user;
  6. with a pumping capacity, set the dispersion, crushing, emulsifying, homogenizing, conveying in one, can also be carried out under the conditions required specially designed to meet the special conveyor lift required;
  7. the emulsifying machine is simple, reliable, energy efficient, easy to maintain.
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