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Carbon black machine

Carbon Black Machine is a new technology in pyrolysis plant field. After pyrolysis, the Carbon Black is crude and impurities. After processed carbon black value achieves to high level.
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  1. This machine is one kind of vertical shaft reflection grinder, which is equiped with the graded plant in the smashing room, after smashing the material is influenced by the air current and through the graded device to be collected, the graded device always substitutes the usual grinder net, and can simultaneously complete micros mashing and the fine powder’ s minute selection , and the smashing efficiency is high.
  2. lt is loaded with the air current capacity regulating valve and the graded impeller velometer and can adjust the product granularity without turning the engine off and fine dust can be completely recycled not polluting the environment.
  3. This machine has the cooling function, and the smashing temperature is low. lt is specially suitable to process the heat-sensative and the textile fiber material, and the product granularity is even.
  4. The repair service, operation and cleaning up are convenient, the productivity is high.
  5. This machine uses the newly imported narrow v triangle belt transmission, which has the characteristics of high transmission power, steady revolution and high efficiency.
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